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I Was a Male War Bride

(1949 b 105')

En: 6 Ed: 6

A French officer has sexual tension with a US WAC, and they get married but have difficulty rooming together because of military red-tape.

Captain Henri Rochard (Cary Grant) takes a taxi to Heidelberg and gives Lt. Catherine Gates (Ann Sheridan) her laundry. He has a mission with Lt. Eloise Billings (Randy Stuart), and Catherine warns her about Henri. Catherine is assigned to Henri instead. Henri and Catherine enjoy complaining and insulting each other. She drives a motorcycle, and he rides in the sidecar. An area is blocked, and they take boat. They stop before a waterfall. He massages her leg. They go cross-country and find a road, but it rains. They get two rooms. He massages her back, and she falls asleep. The doorknob falls off, and while locked in he tries to sleep in a chair.

In the morning Henri lays on the side of her bed. A maid replaces the door-handle. Catherine wakes and pushes Henri off the bed. She makes him go out the window, and the maid pushes him down. Henri changes clothes in order to look for Schindler in the black market and tells Catherine not to speak to him. Police raid the black market. Henri is arrested because she says she does not know him.

Catherine gets Henri out of jail and has found Schindler. Henri tells her he is leaving the army and does not want to see her. She asks him to be nice, and he goes with her. They realize that they like each other. She asks for a kiss, and their kisses improve. They tell an officer they want to marry. They fill out forms and wait a week.

Henri and Catherine quarrel. When Captain Ramsey (William Neff) tells her he hid their papers, she hits him. They are wed by a German burgomaster, her chaplain, and then by his priest.

Henri likes Catherine's nightgown, but Lt. Kitty Lawrence (Marion Marshall) tells Catherine they are ordered to leave for home right away. Henri has to sleep in Kitty's bathtub. A consul says that Henri can only immigrate as a war bride or spouse. Henri travels with women and can't sleep with Catherine or other places either.

Catherine and Henri try to board a ship, but the Navy turns him away. She disguises Henri as a woman with a wig made from a horse's tail. She tells the Navy that he is married to Admiral Rochard, but on board Henri is taken for a nurse and is arrested. He is released but stays in the room with Catherine, throwing the key out the porthole.

This romantic comedy satirizes the bureaucratic obstacles of the military occupation, especially because of the sexism involved when a female soldier tries to take home a spouse. The taming of the shrew is also reversed, as she helps him learn to control his temper.

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