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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

(1953 c 91')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on the novel by Anita Loos and the play by Joseph Fields, two beautiful singers, who like rich and handsome men, take an ocean liner to France to pursue their goals.

         On stage Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell) and Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) sing “Two Little Girls from Little Rock.” In their dressing-room Gus Esmond (Tommy Noonan) gives Lorelei a diamond ring, and she tells Dorothy that they are getting married. Dorothy says his father will never let him marry Lorelei, who decides to go to France to get away from him.

         Lorelei and Dorothy board a ship going to France. Gus says goodbye to Lorelei and gives her a letter of credit. Dorothy likes the Olympic team and sings “Bye, Bye, Baby” with them, and Lorelei sings it to Gus.

         Gymnasts exercise, and Dorothy sings, “Ain’t There Anyone Here for Love?”         Dorothy and Lorelei learn that Piggy Beekman (Charles Coburn) owns a diamond mine in South Africa. Esmond Sr. (Taylor Holmes) has hired detective Ernie Malone (Elliot Reid) to watch Lorelei, and he introduces himself to Dorothy, mentioning he has money. Dorothy complains because she does not care about money. Lady Beekman (Norma Varden) and Piggy show Lorelei a diamond tiara.

         Malone romances Dorothy. Lorelei tells Dorothy that Piggy was squeezing her. Dorothy says that Malone took pictures. While Malone is with Dorothy, Lorelei searches his room and tries to climb out the porthole and is stuck. She asks the boy Henry Spofford (George Winslow) to help her, and he hides her from Piggy. Lorelei calls Dorothy, and they knock out Malone with alcohol and sleeping pills. They take off his coat, and spill water on his pants. Lorelei takes his pants off and finds the film. She shows a photo to Piggy. He offers to help her, and Lorelei asks for the tiara. Malone removes a tape recorder from their room, and Dorothy and Lorelei come in. Malone tells Lorelei that he does not want to hurt Dorothy. He kisses Dorothy, and Lorelei has the tiara.

         They arrive in France and go shopping for clothes. At their hotel Lady Beekman and Prichard demand the tiara, but Lorelei refuses to return it. Malone says that Gus Esmond cancelled the letter of credit. At a café Dorothy and Lorelei sing “When Love Goes Wrong.”

         Gus arrives where Lorelei and Dorothy are performing. Lorelei sings “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Police come, and the tiara is missing. Dorothy tells Lorelei to get $15,000 from Gus. Malone meets Esmond Sr. at the airport. Piggy asks Malone to explain to Lorelei. In court Dorothy is blond and testifies as Lorelei. She takes off her coat, sings, and dances. Malone and Esmond Sr. come in. Dorothy gets Malone to resign, and he takes police to Piggy to get the tiara, solving the case.

         Esmond Sr. meets Lorelei with Gus, who tells his father that he loves Lorelei. She admits she wants to marry Gus for his father’s money.

         In the final scene Lorelei is wedding Gus, and Dorothy is Malone’s bride. She tells Lorelei it is okay to say yes after being married.

         This musical comedy exudes sex appeal, but the blonde contrasts the lasting value of hard diamonds to the soft pleasures of youthful beauty that will pass away. Her philosophy is that wealth is an added value like beauty, but these are not the only reasons for loving someone.

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