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Father’s Little Dividend

(1951 b 82')

En: 6 Ed: 6

In this sequel the father of the bride goes through ups and downs as he becomes a grandfather.

         Stanley Banks (Spencer Tracy) talks about men and narrates the story. Ellie Banks (Joan Bennett) and Stanley go to dinner at the Dunstans and learn that Kay Dunstan (Elizabeth Taylor) is going to have a baby.

         At home Stanley tells Ellie that they should have waited. To get in shape Stanley works out in the gym, and the next morning he is sore. Ellie gives a “stork shower” and tells Stanley that Kay and Buckley could move in with them. Stanley says no.

         Herbert Dunstan (Moroni Olsen) shows a blueprint for expanding his house. Ellie is upset. Buckley Dunstan (Don Taylor) and Kay say they are buying a house. Kay asks Stanley how he felt after she was born. Ellie helps decorate the new house. Herbert buys furniture for the baby’s room, and Stanley gives an air conditioner.        

         The family talks about names. Kay gets upset at the grandparents. She tells Stanley about her doctor’s natural ideas. Stanley and Ellie go to see Dr. Nordell. Stanley says that Ellie is worried. Dr. Nordell believes in mothers feeding and carrying their babies.

         Buckley calls Stanley at 2:45 a.m. and asks for Kay; he says they had an argument. Stanley goes to Buckley and finds out that Kay went home. They go to Stanley’s house. Stanley finds her sleeping outside and offers her old room. Kay says that Buckley does not love her anymore and has someone else. Buckley tells Stanley that he has been working overtime. Buckley takes care of Kay, and they make up.

         Kay’s time gets close, and they wait anxiously. Stanley takes a gift to Kay and says that mothers have courage. Buckley calls Stanley and says Kay is in the hospital. They rush to the hospital as Ellie breaks traffic laws. Kay says it was a false alarm.

         Stanley took a sleeping pill. Buckley calls him and says it is a boy. Stanley goes back to sleep, but Ellie wakes him up. Four grandparents and the father look at the baby through the nursery window.

         Herbert takes photos and gives Stanley baby pictures. Whenever Stanley is near, the baby cries. Stanley avoids the baby.

         Six months later Kay leaves the baby with Stanley and Ellie for a week. Stanley makes the baby cry again. Stanley sleeps in Kay’s old room while Ellie cares for the baby. Stanley walks the baby carriage and helps boys play soccer. Stanley finds the carriage is gone and searches frantically. He overhears Ellie and Kay and goes to the police station. An officer reprimands him for leaving the baby for a half hour. The baby is there and smiles at Stanley.

         In the final scene Rev. Galsworthy (Paul Harvey) christens the baby Stanley Banks.

         This family comedy portrays basic human emotions that are universal as people worry about and are proud of their children and grandchildren.

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