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The Tuttles of Tahiti

(1942 b 91')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on a novel by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, a family lives happily by borrowing money and quickly spends a windfall too.

Chester Tuttle (Jon Hall) returns to the tropical home of his father Jonas Tuttle (Charles Laughton) and is welcomed by the clan. Jonas uses money for a party. Chester brought a cock from San Francisco to fight. The fishing boat of Chester, Lu (Gene Reynolds), and Manu runs out of gas. Jonas now has gas in his car and goes to Emily (Florence Bates) to bet 10,000 francs on the match. Chester sees Tamara (Peggy Drake) and is glad that she waited for him. The Tuttle boys tells Jonas they need gas to fish. Jonas goes to Dr. Blondin (Victor Francen) to borrow again. He says that Jonas is wasteful and owes him 17,000 francs. Jensen (Curt Bois) has Jonas sign a mortgage, and Blondin loans him 500. Jonas and Emily bet 10,383 and his vanilla crop; others bet their possessions against Emily. Her bird is from Australia and scares away the Tuttle cock.

Emily's daughter Tamara brings back Chester's guitar. He says he must go away to find a job, but she says she won't wait again. Dr. Blondin warns Jonas he may lose his property but loans him money for gas. The boys fish; but it gets windy, and they battle the storm. Three days later they are missing, and Jonas prays. Chester tells the others they own the ship they found with gas but must get it into port. Jensen takes Jonas out to the ship. They throw Jensen overboard so he won't get half. Wet Jensen offers them 400,000, and they agree.

Jonas pays the bills with checks but puts Blondin's money in Jensen's catalog as he makes several orders. The catalog is thrown out with trash. Jonas gets a letter that their joint account is overdrawn. They celebrate the wedding of Chester and Tamara. Furniture is taken back, because checks are not good. Tamara leaves Chester. Jonas wonders how they spent 400,000. Jensen tells Jonas that he got the mortgage from Blondin; but Jonas can't find the catalog with the money. In bed Tamara tells Emily that she dreamt of Chester. The Tuttles move out of the house. Jonas tries to catch the cock and finds the catalog with the money. Jonas goes to Blondin and pays the 18,462 he owes him. Blondin loans Jonas 500 for gas. Chester, Tamara, and others show Jonas a new cock, and they plan to bet.

This comedy reflects the relaxed Tahiti life-style that cares little for money and its responsibilities, showing that some Westerners have their own version of a pleasurable life.

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