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Orchestra Wives

(1942 b 98')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A trumpet player marries a fan; but other wives cause her to become jealous, almost breaking up the band.

The orchestra of Gene Morrison (Glenn Miller) records "People Like You and Me." Singer Jaynie (Lynn Bari) says they are going on tour, and the musicians tell Gene that they object. Connie (Ann Rutherford) plays a record, and soda jerk Cully (Harry Morgan) invites her to see Gene Morrison. Jaynie sings "At Last," and Bill Abbot (George Montgomery) plays trumpet. Bill leaves Sinjin (Cesar Romero) behind and kisses Connie. Cully tries to fight Bill, but Sinjin and Ben (Jackie Gleason) stop him. Dr. Ward (Grant Mitchell) lets his adopted daughter Connie go to Elgin, but she is not allowed in alone. After the show Bill keeps her from taking a bus by asking her to marry. They get married in Indiana with Sinjin as best man. On the train Bill explains to Jaynie. Connie is given a nightgown by Jaynie.

They tour major cities. Bill and Connie say how glad they are they married. When wives are left in Des Moines, Natalie (Carole Landis) tells Connie that Jaynie is her rival. In Iowa City Jaynie sings "Serenade in Blue." Connie takes a bus, and Bill dines with Jaynie. Natalie calls Jaynie that Connie is coming. Jaynie calls Bill and asks for a loan to get him into her room. Connie finds them and concludes that Bill does not love her. Outside Sinjin finds Connie, who takes the bus. Connie asks Bill to forget it, and he goes out to play poker. Connie learns that Natalie called Jaynie, and Connie calls Natalie, Elsie (Virginia Gilmore), and Caroline (Mary Beth Hughes) cats. Connie gets Natalie and Caroline into a fight over Caroline's husband Phil. Caroline gets Phil to quit, and Natalie's husband leaves too. Gene tells Bill to control his wife Connie, and Bill gives two weeks notice. Bill blames Connie for what she caused; he and she both renounce their marriage. Gene cancels the tour, and Sinjin says he needs a job; so Gene lets everyone go.

Connie goes home and misses Bill. Sinjin's ex-wife demands her alimony check from him. Bill sees Sinjin, and the whole band got telegrams to meet there. Natalie and Caroline thank Gene for the gifts. Sinjin tells Connie that their telegrams and gifts worked, though Jaynie was not included. Sinjin tells Bill and Gene that Connie and he arranged it. Connie makes Bill jealous of Dr. Ward. The orchestra performs "Kalamazoo," and the Nicholas brothers dance. Then Gene sees that Bill is dancing with Connie.

This musical drama portrays a swing band on tour and dealing with jealousies that that intimacy sparks.

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