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Andy Hardy's Double Life

(1942 b 92')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Before leaving for college, Andy has two girls think he proposed, helps his father decide a legal case, and persuades his father not to go with him.

Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) is going away to college on Friday. He sells his old jalopy to eight friends for $20, and they promise to pay him tomorrow so that he can make his check good, paying for his car to be driven from New York. Polly Benedict (Ann Rutherford) tells her guest Sheila (Esther Williams) she will get Andy to make up and calls him to come over. Andy's sister Marian (Cecelia Parker) advises Andy about women so that they won't take him too seriously. Andy goes to see Polly and meets gorgeous Sheila, who causes him to fall into the pool twice. She tells him about psychology and invites him to Polly's party. Marian's boyfriend Jeff (William Lundigan) is up before Judge James Hardy (Lewis Stone) on drunk driving, and she gets Andy to plead for him so that Jeff can drive his car back from New York; the Judge suspends Jeff's prison sentence on condition he does not ride in an automobile. Andy's friends don't have the $20. Later they crash the car into a greenhouse and have to pay $20. So they blackmail Andy with a photo of him ironing his sister's slip.

Judge Hardy is trying to decide a lawsuit for the medical expenses for Tooky (Robert Blake) after his accident with a lumber company truck. James rides the wagon in order to see for himself what happened and tells Andy about it. At the party Sheila kisses Andy and gets him talking that she is the only one, and she assumes they are engaged. Then Polly plays the same trick on him when he asks to see her father, because he wants to make sure his check at the bank does not bounce.

James is looking forward to going with Andy to his alma mater, where he was a big shot and knows the president; but Sheila warned Andy that if his father arrives with him, the other students will take him for a "panty-waist." At Polly's Andy hears a tape recording of the conversations that got him into trouble, and Sheila explains they wanted to teach him a lesson and will write to him. Andy gives his father information that helps him decide the case in favor of Tooky. Andy's mother Emily Hardy (Fay Holden) encourages Andy to talk directly to his father about his concern. In a man-to-man talk Andy says his father is only thinking of himself and explains how it will be if other students think he is getting special attention because of his father. So James admits he was wrong and says he will not go with him. James and Emily have trouble with the car and barely manage to get to the station to say goodbye to Andy. In the final scene on the train Andy meets a pretty girl and learns that the college is now taking co-eds.

This comedy shows Andy maturing, but he is still driven by his youthful instincts. This time the father learns a major lesson.

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