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Always In My Heart

(1942 b 92')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Suggested by a play by Dorothy Bennett and Irving White, a musician gets out of prison and tells his ex-wife to marry her fiancé, but he visits his children.

Vicki (Gloria Warren) and Marty (Frankie Thomas) learn that Philip Ames (Sidney Blackmer) has asked to marry their mother Marj Scott (Kay Francis). Philip wants Marj to give up her job. Marty is for Philip, who gives him money. Philip offers to send Vicki to a music school. Marj is going away for a week. In prison MacKenzie Scott (Walter Huston) conducts an orchestra and gets a pardon. Marj tells him she wants to marry again if he won't get out. He says he will not get out and tells her not to visit.

MacKenzie gets out, looks for jobs, and hitchhikes to California. He sees workers playing harmonicas. He sees Marty bring home a new car and hears Vicki singing. MacKenzie offers to fix her piano and does so for a song. He sees Marj coming and leaves. He goes to Vicki's friend Joe Borelli (Frank Puglia), who hires him and gives him a place to live. Vicki gets a dog and a new piano from Philip; but she cries, because he gave the old piano to the junk man. Vicki thanks Joe for a book of songs and hears MacKenzie playing her old piano. He asks her to sing his "Always in My Heart," and she sings it as the workers play along. They invite Vicki to sing in their concert. Marty gets Philip's speedboat fixed, and Lolita (Armida) kisses him. Frank (Anthony Caruso) warns Marty to stay away from Lolita, and MacKenzie tries to intervene.

Marj tells Angie (Una O'Connor) that Philip objects to her yelling at the kids. Marj hears Vicki singing "Always in My Heart" and goes to see MacKenzie, who says he will leave. Marj says she won't marry; but he tells her to, because he wants no ties. Philip comes in the house and tells Vicki not to go to the fishtown musicians, but she goes out anyway. Marj comes in and tells Philip that MacKenzie was in prison and is here. Vicki goes to MacKenzie's place and finds photos of the family. She asks him why they said he was dead. He tells her not to tell anyone, and he'll write to her by Joe. He tells the fishtown musicians he and Vicki are not coming. Vicki learns she was registered for a school and tells Booley (Patti Hale) she is going away with her father. Frank sees Marty with Lolita and attacks him with a knife. MacKenzie comes to his aid and is stabbed. Vicki takes the boat. As Frank is arrested, Marty treats MacKenzie's arm and thanks him. Marty and MacKenzie hear about Vicki and follow her in a fishing boat on rough seas. Vicki is washed overboard, and MacKenzie dives in to save her. Vicki and Marty tell Marj they can work. Philip says he understands, and Marj tells MacKenzie they are starting over together. In the final scene he and Vicki perform with the fishtown orchestra of harmonicas.

This drama suggests that some people are more sentimental (loving) than others and shows how often music can bring people together.

Copyright © 2004 by Sanderson Beck

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