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Four Wives

(1939 b 99')

En: 5 Ed: 5


In this sequel to Four Daughters the other two sisters get married as Ann tries to get over the loss of her late husband.

Adam Lemp (Claude Rains) and his daughters Emma (Gale Page), Kay (Rosemary Lane), and Thea (Lola Lane) decide to put the photo of Ann's late husband Mickey in the attic, because Ann (Priscilla Lane) is engaged to Felix Deitz (Jeffrey Lynn). Ann teaches violin, and violinist Felix gives her a diamond ring. Emma sees Dr. Clinton Forrest (Henry O'Neill) and learns she will never have a baby. Ann faints, and young Dr. Clinton Forrest, Jr. (Eddie Albert) says she is pregnant. Clinton tells Kay he is giving up private practice to help coal miners. Felix learns that something is wrong when Ann demands Mickey's picture back. Felix tells Ann he knows and that it is all right. Mickey's spirit tells Ann he is helping Felix compose music. Aunt Etta (May Robson) tells Emma that Ann is absorbed with Mickey, playing his music. Kay finds Clinton in a lunch room and asks his help with Ann. Clinton comes to dinner at the Lemps, and Kay tries to attract him. After dinner Kay sings accompanied by her musical family. Clinton walks out with Ann and tells her she needs to walk. Clinton asks Ann if she loves Felix and suggests she marry him. Then Clinton goes to the movies with Kay, and Ann plans to marry Felix.

Adam conducts children in an orchestra and learns that Ann eloped with Felix. Ann and Felix call on Ben Crowley (Frank McHugh) and his wife Thea to be surprised by a party. Outside Ann tells Clinton how she eloped with Mickey. Kay throws herself at Clinton again. Thea shows Ben the baby's room and says they are adopting a child. Felix plays his composition on piano and gives credit to Mickey. Then Ann plays Mickey's song without a beginning or end. Thea brings back a baby from Chicago and tells Ben she is pregnant too. Ann urges Felix to go on a tour, and he says she does not love him. Emma and Aunt Etta advise Ann to tell Felix she loves him; but they see his train pull away, and Ann collapses. Clinton tells the family that Ann had a premature girl. Felix arrives and learns the baby needs a transfusion. Felix gives his blood. Ben brings Ann a radio, and she hears Mickey's symphony conducted by Felix while she holds her baby. Felix speaks in tribute to Mickey. Felix visits Ann in the hospital, and she thanks him for making Mickey's life a success. Months later Ben learns he has twin girls. Ernest (Dick Foran) and Emma ask to keep the adopted girl. In the final scene as four babies cry, Kay weds Clinton.

Music is an important theme in this family drama, as Ann finds solace that her late husband's composition is completed and successful, showing how a departed spirit can influence the living.

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