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For Heaven’s Sake

(silent 1926 b 58')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A millionaire gives money to a preacher who uses it for a mission to help the poor. The millionaire decides to help with the mission as he is falling in love with the minister’s daughter.

         Brother Paul (Paul Weigel) is preaching to the poor down town.

         Up town a chauffeur drives into a truck, and the Uptown Boy (Harold Lloyd) goes into a dealer and buys a new car, writing a check for $9,000. Then he drives off in his new car. Three men run out of a jewelry store, jump in a car, and drive off. Police are pursuing and get into the Boy’s car. They are shooting back, and his car is being hit. The Boy uses a hubcap as a helmet. The car stops, and he cannot get it started. Then it is hit by a moving train. He gets his hat and coat from it.

         The Down Town Girl (Jobyna Ralston) reads an article about J. Harold Manner, who bought two expensive cars and wrecked both of them. She tells Paul she will write a letter to him on how he can spend his money.

         A secretary is reading Mr. Manners’ mail and reads her letting suggesting that he help her father establish a mission in Slattery Square. He throws the letter in the waste basket.

         At the Grotto Café in Slattery Square two men are waiting for Manners. Bull Brindle (Noah Young) is in the pool room. Manners asks him where the Grotto Café is, and he points outside. Manners wants to buy something, but they cannot change a $100 bill. He takes a quarter from a man and puts it in a slot machine. Two quarters come out, and he gives one back and uses the other for his purchase.

         On the street Brother Paul is giving out free coffee. Manners sees trash burning on the ground, and he empties a bucket on it; but that causes the flames to spread to the coffee wagon. He gets his checkbook out. Paul says he needs a mission there. Manners asks Paul how much it will take, and he says $1,000. Manners is skeptical but gives him a check for $1,000. Paul shows it to his daughter, and she assumes Manners read her letter.

         A newspaper reports that the millionaire Manners established a mission down town. Manners buys a copy and thinks the millionaire did it to get his name in the paper. Then he sees his name. He tells his companion it must be a fake, and he will set them straight.

         Manners arrives at the new mission and starts tearing down the sign. The Girl calls him a loafer and a brute and tells him to go away. Paul invites Manners into the mission to meet his daughter. Paul tells her that their benefactor is there, and she sees it is the same man. They shake hands. Paul says that Manners has helped humanity by giving him the $1,000. Manners tells him he will have to take his name down because he has no interest in that. He starts to walk away, but the Girl invites him to see the mission. He comes back in, and she shows him around the room where poor people are sitting at tables. He trips, and her picture falls off the wall into his hands. A man puts a bottle of perfume in the pocket of Manners. An old man asks her for cakes, and Manners sits down. A man climbs on him and breaks the bottle of perfume in his pocket. He and the man next to him wonder about the odor. Manners sees the perfume spilling from his coat and tosses a powder puff on the donut tray the girl is carrying. He bites into the perfumed puff and sees the man eating cookies. He throws it away, but then he picks up trash. Paul asks Manners to help his daughter with the services while he is gone. Manners asks her what he should do. She says those in the mission are the only ones who come. The gang who needs them in the pool hall never comes. He says he will get them to come and goes to the pool hall.

         In the pool hall Manners tries to make an announcement, but no one listens. So he takes a gun from someone’s pocket and shoots in the air to get their attention. They all look at him and listen to him describing the Biblical services. He hands the gun back to the man, who throws him out. Manners pokes him with his cane and runs away from him. He distubrs others, and they run after him too. They run after a man dressed like him. He gets in a car and follows them. He steals a pawn ball, lights it, and throws it in the pool hall as if it were a bomb. They all run out and follow him to the mission.

         In the mission Manners sits down and tells her he does not know how they will keep them there. Police come in, and the men decide to stay. Manners leads them in the song, “Just Break the News to Mother.” The police watch, and Manners does not let one stop him; he gets him to sing. The policeman thanks Manners for the good he has done. The policeman notices that someone took his watch and says he will search them. Manner takes up a collection in a hat. He is given the watch and puts it on the policeman’s back. A man empties the collection into his hat and tries to leave; but he stopped and exposed. The policeman calls him a crime wave, and they take him away. The rough Bull wants to do away with Manners and goes into the mission and slugs two men. He finds Manners in the store-room, and Manners asks him to help him with the hymn-books. He tries to hit Manners but is knocked on the head by the blackboard, boards, and a swinging lamp. Manners helps Bull into the other room, and Bull says he can really hit.

         In the mission Bull and others sing hymns while Manners plays the organ. Paul comes back, and Manners says they are having a great time. They sing “Onward Christian Soldiers.” Manners looks at the girl and starts playing, “I’m Falling in Love with Someone.”

         The man with the mansion and the miss with the mission sit and talk. A man in the mission says Manners is putting it on a praying basis. A man says Manners got him a job with a uniform.

         A newspaper announces the wedding of the millionaire and the mission girl at the mission. Uptown people feel contempt for them.

         Men in the mission place flowers in vases on the piano. The reception committee wants to wear high-tenor suits and discuss it. A fancy car arrives with the uptown men who abduct Manners in the car. A man shouts out the window the wedding is off. The men decide to have a drink. They tell Paul that Manners has left his daughter flat.

         The five men are drunk and decide to go to Manners’ club.

         Manners tells the five uptown men that he is going to marry the girl, and no one will stop him. The drunk men come into the club, and Manners calls to them. Bull pushes two men aside. Manners tells him that they kidnapped him. Bull is happy he is going back with them, and he tells the others. Manners uses the phone and calls the girl to tell her he was kidnapped. He says he will have to keep the dizzy boys out of trouble. He hangs up and tells the gang he does not want to be late for his wedding. They go into a revolving door, and he pulls them out into the street. They have gotten into a dairy wagon, and he pulls them away. Two others he rescues from the middle of the street. He tries to get them to stay put. He sees the other man arguing with a stuffed bear and goes to get him. He sees a cab and puts them in the back seat, but they go out the other side. He sees them on bicycles that do not move. He asks a doorman to watch them while he goes after a stray. He sees the doorman running away. He sees Bull knock a man’s hat off and puts it back.

         At the mission the girl is waiting.

         Manners tries to get the drunk men into a streetcar and runs along side of it to keep a man from falling out. The two are left behind, and Manners carries him to the streetcar. When it stops, a drunk starts driving it. Manners runs and gets on it and tries to take over the driving. A policeman has to run from it. A man hangs from his ankles to get bananas from a truck, and Manners tries to rescue him. The streetcar goes fast and wildly down the streets. The driver gets up on the roof, and Manners tries to go down to the wheel. He slips on to the front. He is knocked through the window and stops the streetcar. A motorcycle cop is there to give him a ticket, but Manners runs off and gets on a horse-drawn cart. He arrives at the mission, and in the back of the dog-pound wagon are the men.

         Paul conducts the wedding service, and Manners gives the girl a ring.

         This farce shows the contrast between the wealthy and the poor; but because of the minister and his loyal daughter a millionaire is pulled into helping them serve the poor.

Copyright © 2010 by Sanderson Beck

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